HOA Manager: Guiding Homeowners Associations Towards Excellence

HOA Manager: Guiding Homeowners Associations Towards Excellence

Nearly 30% of Americans are HOA members living in planned communities all across the U.S. These communities have turned into big business and need to be managed as such.

Members of the HOA board are volunteers who have other jobs, making it difficult to fulfill all the duties required to run a community. Hiring an HOA manager to work with the board is necessary.

An HOA manager is key to a thriving homeowners' association. Keep reading to find out how a skillful HOA manager can lead to a successful HOA.

Living in an HOA

When people buy homes in a community with an HOA, they come to expect certain standards. The homes should look well-kept. The common areas, the pool, and the playgrounds need proper maintenance.

The association needs to be fiscally responsible. This includes collecting dues and paying vendors on time.

They also have a duty to treat everyone in the community equally, not show favoritism toward friends.

Having an HOA manager makes all of these jobs easier to uphold.

What Makes a Good HOA Manager?

A qualified community manager will help things run smoothly and keep residents happy. Let's look at some of the qualities of a good HOA manager.

Gets to Know the Board's Goals and Objectives

An effective HOA manager takes into consideration the uniqueness of every community he or she serves. What will it take to get this particular community to the next level?

In order to assess how to go about that, the HOA manager has to get to know the direction in which the board wants to go. Once they are on the same page, the manager can help the board achieve its objectives.

Financial and Budgeting Skills

It's important to be fiscally responsible with other people's money. A good HOA manager will help the board manage its budget, spend money responsibly, and be transparent with the community.

Knowledge of HOA Practices

A good HOA manager will have a working knowledge of the best HOA practices to solve problems and fix community issues for good.

He or she will have experience solving various issues and will be able to offer examples of how certain practices have been successful in other communities.

Good Communication Skills

The HOA manager works closely with the board and various community vendors. He or she must possess good communication skills to act as an intermediary between the vendors and the board.

Familiarity with Legal Requirements

Compliance with all legal requirements is of utmost importance. An HOA manager will guide the board to stay in compliance with taxes and business operation status.

All activities must be in line with governing rules and state, city, and local regulations.

HOA Management

Now you know more about the duties of an HOA manager. A good one can guide your homeowners' association and HOA board toward excellence.

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