The Role of an Association Manager: Key Responsibilities and Skills

The Role of an Association Manager: Key Responsibilities and Skills

Do you want to improve your HOA? Do you feel like you need a guiding hand to help your community find its stride?

Knowing how to better an HOA is at the very core of an association manager. They'll have the knowledge and the means to juggle a lot of tasks all at the same time. They'll have an intimate understanding of your community and what it needs to outshine the many other HOAs.

For a more specific breakdown of the manager's role, keep reading. We'll highlight the top responsibilities and skills that every effective HOA needs in their manager.

Plan HOA Meetings

The various HOA meetings are at the heart of every association community. Without someone to organize and plan them, your HOA will never know what's going on with the HOA as a whole.

There are always things to do in an HOA, but if no one gathers for a meeting to discuss them, the HOA will fall apart. It'll no longer feel like a tight-knit community and you'll lose touch with your members.

Financial Organization

Managing properties in an HOA requires a strict budget. Due collection, record-keeping, and allocating of HOA funds is something your manager needs to handle without any hesitation.

Even more critical is feeling confident with the numbers, laws, and regulations. One error could lead to a lot of problems for your HOA.

This is often why many HOAs turn towards a professional company to aid them since financial management can be a huge drain for people without a background in it.

Member Communication

When members have questions, complaints, or concerns, they should go to the HOA manager. Since the association manager has a deep understanding of the community, they'll know how to resolve many of the conversations.

Your manager should have a friendly demeanor that makes other members comfortable. If no one wants to talk to the manager, problems will likely fester within your HOA.

The manager also needs to be adept at handling difficult conversations. Arguments may happen from time to time, so you want someone able to calm the situation down.

Contact Vendors

Once the HOA decides upon a project or a need for repairs, your manager is the one who contacts the necessary people. They'll want to create a working relationship with electricians, construction workers, and more.

This way, your HOA will have priority to get the work done for a price that suits your budget. While it's not impossible to run a successful HOA without these connections, it will slow down the overall advancement toward your community's goals.

Hire an Expert Association Manager

Sometimes the best association manager is one with a professional background.

The professionals at PMI Nortex Properties work hard to bring better association management to all communities within the Dallas area. Our franchise has over 20 years of experience that we can use to help your community, too. We'll handle all kinds of necessary association tasks such as budgeting, taxes, property maintenance, inspections, and more.

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